How we collaborate and process the exchanging of ideas stimulates the process of innovation. Creating work spaces that fuel this process can enhance the productivity of a business with those brave enough to try working amongst other like minded people.

In the last few years co-working spaces have become more popular than ever as regardless of the sector of work, our working day is a continuum between working on our own and collaborative ideas as a team.

By providing a series of meetup spaces in co-working environments we create a space for quick exchanges. When these work spaces are shared between Start Up companies we can instantly increase our knowledge and understanding between a range of co-minded sectors. After all, how people work and perform at their best is through collaboration and bouncing ideas off one another.

So designing better work spaces that mirrors the way our minds work will stimulate the growth of ideas, research & development and the resolution of the final outcome. Combining Start Up's can bring a fresh attitude and positivity to the co-working space, working alongside the notion that creative thinking is the main catalyst for innovation.



Now days we work without boundaries in a more mobile and fluid workforce that needs to constantly adapt and change to the circumstances that surrounds us in the world. But what will this look like with the growth of technology, economic changes and our desire for a work life balance?


As a part of the NSW Government's vision for a world class innovation and technology precinct in the heart of the city, the State Government has kick started the project with $48.2 million in the creation of the Tech Central Precinct. The first of many planned co-working spaces, the Tech Central Precinct will connect the community of Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Biotech and Tech companies.


Read NSW Gov Tech Central Brochure


Located next to Sydney’s Grand Central Station, The Quantum Terminal is the city’s first live collaboration space for researchers, developers, engineers and entrepreneurs who are working in the field of Advance Quantum Computing. The new 3,000sqm co-working space will allow for Start-Up companies and individuals to access rent subsidies from the NSW Government, essential really considering 50% of these types of companies are based in this state.



So how can work space environments support the effectiveness of our minds at work and stimulate innovation? While our minds need a space to be able to focus in, we also need to space for our minds to meet, to intersect and to interact. For this we need open collaboration.


Growing evidence has shown that when the quality of the collaboration improves so too does the efficiency and quality of the work produced. Collaboration can increase innovation, having a direct effect on the flow and development of ideas throughout the consortium.


Innerspace were engaged by JLL to assist with the furniture innovation and product selections to accommodate a variety of mixed use spaces for the Event Space located on Level 3 of the Heritage listed building at Tech Central. This area facilitates a wide range of events from seminars to formal theater-style presentations to open meeting spaces and focus destination pods so the furniture product selection was a critical process of the client's design brief.



With careful consideration to the flexibility of the area, Innerspace customised products to enhance the way small groups could convene within the GELATO range, further developed the PRELUDE workstation at a standing height to enable quick meetings, provided focus destinations for individuals and teams using the OWN booth which helps reduces the surrounding noise and supplied a variety of lounges and breakout style furniture to encourage meet ups, conversation and collaboration.


The end result has provided the TQT space with the best furniture solutions possible to enhance innovation and encourage collaboration in this fast changing sector. In addition to this Innerspace have delivered an internal space that is 100% sustainable for relocation and reuse as all products are able to be dissembled. A fantastic first chapter in development of this visionary precinct for Australian technology. 


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