Selecting sustainable choices in all aspects of our lives is the only way forward for a healthy planet and a long future for those on it.

In the design world, Interior Professionals must create spaces in which a sustainable approach is at the forefront of their choices for the project. Fortunately, in the 21st century, the interior design sector boasts being one of the most committed to this cause, ensuring that sustainability prevails in new designs.

Our friends at Viccarbe are aware that the world of sustainable design is here to stay. Here is their understanding of what sustainable design is and how they are incorporating it into their furniture products.


From the Viccarbe Journal:


 What is sustainability in interior design?

We (Viccarbe) understand sustainability in design as the use of objects or products that are characterized by certain principles of economic and social sustainability, but mostly of ecological sustainability. When we talk about sustainability we have to think of timeless spaces that last over time, thus avoiding modifying or changing the decoration every few years.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental threats to public health. This is simply a result of the production and use of materials and products with a high level of toxic emissions. For this reason it is important to keep in mind that, as interior design professionals, we must create and design pieces that are not only exceptional, but that do not harm the planet.

Viccarbe HQ

How to implement sustainability in interior design

The main goal of interior design and sustainability is to create environmental awareness while reusing materials that might normally be used for a single purpose. When it comes to decorating with furniture and accessories for different rooms, the concept of sustainability has become a trend.

When we talk about the requirements or characteristics that sustainable interior designs should have, the following cannot be left out:

Reducing environmental impact

One of the keys to reducing polluting emissions into the ecosystem is to work with raw materials and resources that do not excessively over exploit the natural resources available to us. In addition, labels such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which indicate products made from wood that are 100% sustainable, help to compare different pieces.

Improving energy efficiency

In order for an environment to be responsible with regard to greenhouse gas emissions, it must meet certain requirements, such as favouring natural light, promoting low energy consumption or choosing colours that reduce dependence on artificial light.

Promote recycled or reusable materials as much as possible

Thanks to the circular economy we manage to extract the different products or materials in order to reuse them as many times as possible. Therefore, it is important that as A&D, we face our projects having previously investigated how the materials of the products we use are going to be recycled. More and more products are being manufactured with materials obtained from waste that has been recycled, such as plastic bottles, agricultural waste, etc.

Creating healthy spaces

Finally, another key to making our interior designs sustainable is to prioritise and create a healthy space. Sometimes the chemicals we use to treat or clean furniture can be harmful to people’s health and indoor air pollution, among others. Good design encourages the creation of healthy and natural spaces, free of polluting allergens and easy to clean.



Viccarbe, a commitment to sustainability

At Viccarbe we have taken a leap forward in leading the way towards sustainability within the contemporary furniture design industry. That’s why we incorporate the latest innovations in sustainability and development into most of our products:


The Funda Collection

Light, comfortable and enveloping furniture. The designer Stefan Diez promotes the circular economy through the Funda collection. This concept has been drawn up with the objective of reducing environmental impact thanks to the innovation of its manufacturing process. Specifically, the Funda chair is composed of a metallic structure and an upholstered cover. Both parts can be recycled independently, thus extending its life cycle while promoting the circular economy.





Together with the fashion brand Ecoalf, Viccarbe have created a new concept in which innovation and sustainability predominate within the furniture design industry. Thanks to this exclusive collaboration, Ecoalf fabrics will be used in the Viccarbe collection. A new line of sustainable and innovative furniture will also be developed: Ecoalf by Viccarbe. In addition, the first collaboration between the two brands will be launched this summer. Viccarbe’s Maarten collection will add a new line upholstered with Ecoalf fabrics, made from recycled waste materials such as coffee grounds or fishing nets, among others.


We know first impressions matter and therefore at Viccarbe we never underestimate the exterior packaging of our furniture for offices, workplaces, collaborative spaces and homes. It is not just about thinking on the product itself, but also in how we protect it, package it and transport it to its destination. A long time ago we decided to dispatch our pieces in boxes only made with a minimum of 80% recycled cardboard, to generate a lower impact on the environment without losing an iota of durability or resistance.


In addition, this year we have got on a new path to reduce plastic and polystyrene, replacing them with recycled cardboard. Consequently, we have already achieved a 40% reduction in the use of petroleum derivatives in our shipments. A gesture that contributes day by day in our environmental impact, because responsibility and sustainability count in each of the product’s life cycles.

Maarten Plastic


From now on, the shells of the black Maarten Plastic chairs that we produce will be made with 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene. One more step in our journey to sustainability, optimizing the production process of our pieces so that they generate the least possible environmental impact, using materials that are more respectful with nature.

The sturdy seat is smooth to the touch, and the structure is lightweight yet very resistant. A comfortable and affordable non-upholstered chair with multiple base options increasing its applications across the interior spaces.

Meet Maarten Plastic


Viccarbe pieces are designed to maximize productivity but lower environmental impacts. Their ranges are suitable indoor and outdoor in a variety of environmentally sustainable finishes and fabrics, allowing you to easily apply it across your entire project.

Discover the benefits of using Viccarbe, from Innerspace.


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