Many people find that a rug is the finishing touch to their living space and can improve your comfort and the look and feel of your home. The beauty of rugs lies in the wide variety of sizes, colours, designs, and materials available. If you're uncertain about selecting the perfect rug size for your space, allow these insightful tips to guide you towards the ideal choice. And don't miss the opportunity to explore our exquisite range of GAN Rugs.

Don't get overwhelmed by the rug's colour, pattern, texture, or material. Start by deciding on the size, shape, and placement best suited to your space.
The size of your rug can significantly impact the look and feel of a room. Getting this right is crucial. A well-sized rug creates elegance and harmony, connecting rooms and styles into a cohesive story.


The Living Room

 A rug defines the living space on hard floors, offering warmth, comfort, and acoustic benefits. It's a crucial element that distinguishes the area.
The most significant decision here is whether you go under the couch. Well, if you have the space, go bigger.

Diamond Outdoor Rug by GAN      Mangas Original by GAN

Diamond Outdoor Rug by GAN Mangas Original Farol Rug by GAN Rugs


Going under the couch…
Extend the rug at least 20cm behind the couch and, if possible, on the sides. It creates a luxurious feel and makes the living space seem more spacious.

Stopping under the front feet…
If your couch is against the wall choose a rug that either aligns with the front of the couch or stops 20cm before the couch. If you go smaller than this the rug will look too small and the living space will look out of proportion. Either way, don’t let your rug run under the entertainment unit or free-standing cabinetry. It is unnecessary and doesn’t help define the living space. 


The Dining Room

For a dining area rug, leave enough space for chair legs. Typically, it should extend at least 60cm beyond the table on all sides.
Doing this helps protect your flooring and makes it easier for guests to move in and out of the table. You'll be surprised how much dining chairs move

during mealtime.

Going for a more oversized rug ensures it doesn't constantly catch the chairs when someone sits down.

The texture of the rug around food consumption is also essential for consideration. Just remember that a low-pile rug is the easiest to vacuum.

Also, the shape of the table will help define the shape of the rug. The general rule is that for a rectangular dining table, select a rectangular rug, and pair it with a circular rug for a circular dining table. 


Innerspace Product Suggestion below for a Rectangular Table - Degrade Rug by GAN pictured here with our Quadra Dining chair by Viccarbe




The Bedroom
The ultimate luxury in the bedroom is all about comfort underfoot when you get out of bed. Generosity on either side of the bed is better as it draws a central focus. Space pending, 50cm on either side of the bed is ideal, and remember to stop 20cm shy of the bedside tables. 

There are several options available regarding furniture placement on the rug. You can place all the furniture on the rug, or just the bed, or you can "flank" the rug by situating it on the side of the bed. The decision ultimately depends on the size of your room and your preferred style.


The Hallway
Runner rugs are perfect in hallways and open spaces, creating circulation pathways.
They can also soften transitional areas without furniture, by layering the space and finishing it off with artwork.


Innerspace Product Suggestion below for a Hallway Rug - Ply Rug by GAN




Our GAN Range

Now that you know how to choose the right size rug, it's time to shop! 

GAN is an internationally respected and revered rug company, representing an innovative and contemporary outlook on original textile production.
Initiated in the 1940s, GAN carried out a respectful revision of traditions and manual work, leading the extraordinary evolution of crafts worldwide.
Over time, this process has transformed into a collection of valuable resources in terms of design, research, development, and ethical business practices.

GAN rugs are handmade by expert artisans, using traditional techniques that have been renewed and updated thanks to the creativity of internationally
renowned designers including Patricia Urquiola, Kengo Kuma and Kensaku Oshiro.


This has led to international design awards and ongoing recognition as a sector leader. The application of modular structures and accessories has also introduced new concepts of habitability in contemporary spaces.

Explore our extensive online collection and find your perfect fit.

Gan Rug Collection


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