Innerspace recently caught up with photographer Jody D'Arcy. 

A commercial photographer, Jody enjoys working together with creatives of all descriptions, documenting their work and making beautiful imagery working together with a shared vision and energy.

A deep passion for design has resulted in wonderful collaborations with many well known and much loved ​Interior Designers and Stylists.

Clients include Gourmet Traveller, Home Beautiful, House & Garden, Inside Out, Atlas Pearls, Aspects of Kings Park, Channel 7, many Architects, Interior Designers and Builders.

Jody's most recent work is 'Quintessential Rottnest' - a series of photographs taken of WA's beloved holiday island.

Taken from the air 'Quintessential Rottnest' shows a unique perspective of the geography and arid beauty of this unchanged island enjoyed by holiday makers for many generations.

How did you get into Photography and why?

My passion for and introduction to photography is a long story.  It started with some emergency surgery I needed straight after my TEE. When I was in hospital the social worker came into visit and we talked about ‘my future’. She asked me if I could choose anything I wanted to pursue, what would it be?  I answered categorically, photography. This came out of nowhere as it was not offered at my high school and I had never spoken about it! 

Once I was up and mobile I started my Diploma in Applied Science in Photography. 
I took these new photographic skills and travelled extensively​, working as photographer and photographers assistant in a studio in Harlingen, Holland before returning home to start my career as a photojournalist, at the West Australian and then The Sunday Times.

What are you seeking to portray in your work?

I’m always looking for the beauty and light in everything, capturing it to hold on to that moment like something precious.  I truly believe photographs are precious because they capture and keep a moment and make it a memory.

I enjoy making memories for my those who are in my portraits an
d​ in my interiors work it’s important for everything to be in just the right place, so this takes plenty of tweaking and patience.  
What is the story to the Quintessential Rottnest series of photography?

I just love and adore Rottnest. It’s such a paradise for lovers of all things ocean, swimming, diving, boating, beaching! Not a lot of people get the opportunity to see it from the air and it’s just mind blowing how stunning it is, the colours are just incredible.
My partner David is a helicopter pilot and we like to head over to Rotto on a beautiful day and make the most of the lovely beaches. I always take my camera and when we go, I take the door off and shoot!
This series is from a spectacular January day last year, they don’t get much better than this day, swell, sun and pristine water, just divine! We did a few laps around the island and it was so truly beautiful that I felt I had to share it. I have a real soft spot for pretty Little Salmon Bay and Transits, where the swell has to be just right for this surfing paradise and this particular day was just perfection. Hard to believe only a few people enjoying it, anywhere else in the world and it would be standing room only on the beaches and in the water.
What do you believe is a key element in creating good photography?

I think you must absolutely love it, capturing moments in time, spaces, places and people. If you love it and know your way around a camera, you can’t stop till you know you’ve got it, you just can’t!  It is an inner passion, mixed with curiosity and a constant wish and goal to take the perfect shot.

There is so much to keep up with and stay on top of too which keeps it very interesting.  Technology just never slows down and everything is so visual these days, everyday is a new day to discover, experiment and learn with photography, although the core skills remain, you are always learning. 

When you're not creating photography, how do you like to spend your time?

Well if I don’t have some sort of camera on me I usually wish I did. Spare time is spent with the family,​ I have a son and a daughter, they keep me on my toes!  I love the outdoors, the beach and Im fortunate to have a lovely circle of friends who I love spending time with.

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