As we personally evolve and grow throughout our lives our style can change due to the influences and environments we surround ourselves with.

So as we start to spring clean our homes as the weather warms and we slowly start to discover the world again, how has our style choices changed as we age and what do we need to consider when investing in key furniture pieces for our home?

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We can all admit that in our teenager years we wore some hideous outfits and thought we were ridiculously cool at the time and perhaps we question ourselves for it. But taking those risks in our youth perhaps only makes us more self-aware of what we do and don’t like as we hit our 30’s then 40's and 50’s and so on. As we age (gracefully) we want to ensure that the desire to be surrounded with the style and décor that brings us joy is true to our inner soul.

The recent years have seen leadtimes blow out for reasons we are now all aware of. Once we were told to wait 6 weeks and now waiting 5 months doesn’t even make us blink for that sofa we have long desired for. However these furniture investment pieces have often taken time for us to decided upon and get ready for in our homes. We are more aware of quality over price, subtle design details and a selection of  customized finishes to make it our own.


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We make some tough decisions when we are at the purchasing stage here. What will that sofa shape look like against the window in the living room? How will the natural light in the afternoon change the colour of this fabric swatch I have selected? Will the coffee table and rug I love at another store go together with this sofa at this store? These are hard decisions. Even for those who do it everyday! Because it is a different set of decision making skills when selecting key investment furniture pieces that we rely on as these pieces should last you a good decade! So you do take your time. You visit the showroom several times and you sit in the piece, feeling a little bit awkward in the showroom, picturing how it will feel with the afternoon lighting streaming in at your place. And that is all ok. It is normal. After all there are no 60 day returns on these decisions we make.


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Internationally renowned Flexform produces luxury living room décor which extends to the dining and bedroom and elegance is the constant thread for this brand. They believe in the concept of discreet elegance – translating to uncluttered shapes and soft materials. Its world is one of good manners and good taste. As they say, a Flexform sofa is like a blue blazer in the world of fashion: simple, deconstructed, refined, down to the smallest detail. “Flexform embodies a piece of history in the world of designer furnishings in Italy, and the appeal of our timeless products will endure for a long time, unaffected by fads that come and go.”


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Design Consistency as they say is a model that rejects the lure of fashions that attract short lived praise but cannot reap lasting success. Relying on discreet and reassuring elegance of the collection, understated refinement, irresistible charm and clean lines reveal the essential components that construct a contemporary living statement that will not age. The balance of proportion, exquisite materials, fabrics and finishes creates the oasis of emotional well being in your home. The symphony of tasteful, understated modern statement with a visual and tactile level of comfort is key to investing well in your furniture pieces.


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Flexform make it their mission to firmly uphold its promise of superior quality, aware of the fact that the home environment is your aesthetic expression and the beauty of a sofa can enhance the quality of your life. As a new social phenomenon is evolving, one of that of the conscious consumer, we are making more sophisticated choices with the beautiful things that surrounds us.


However, should our style slightly change again in our next decade of life, the flexibility a Flexform sofa can offer you with replaceable covers allows you to grow again. And this is why investing in good quality furniture pieces is worth every penny.



Images courtesy of Flexform Paper Issue #1. Click here to see full publication.




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