a change is here...

Deciding when it is the right time to look at oneself and acknowledge that maybe a change is needed is never an easy decision.


Since our creation just after the second world war, Innerspace has grown into one of the oldest and most trusted furniture brands in Australia.


Whist trends and styles have undoubtedly changed over the years our dedication to innovation and service has seen us grow and thrive.

The global pandemic has shaken up how business is conducted and forced us to take stock of how we shape the world around us.

We therefore thought it was the perfect time to re-evaluate what people thought of us, our service and of course our product offering.

It was time to re-evaluate our own identity and brand narrative.

Through an extensive process we confirmed something that we already suspected.


We discovered that we are in the people business.



It is our interactions, our relationships, our collaboration, our personalities, our behaviours, our actions and our insight that determine how we are seen.

Our products create environments, experiences and spaces for people to connect and create.


We are Connected - A collaboration to create.

We are Creative - Inspire through innovation.

We are Committed - Our passion is to perform.


We are Imagination Captured.


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The  FREE  Thinkers  |

The  BRAVE  Designers  |

The  RULE  Breakers  |

The  CAREFUL  Planners  |

The  EXPRESSIVE  Creatives  |

The  PASSIONATE   Managers  |

The  TEAM  Players  |





 The new logo illustrates the two sides to us. 

INNER in bold, representing the timeless foundation, the anchor. 

And SPACE in light, to articulate the spaces in between, the moments we capture and the possibilities to explore.

We are still Innerspace. We just look a little different now.


take a look at us now...


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